About Us


Reflections from where we have been to where we are now and where we will go in the future.  DressNDecor has been in the creation stages for a few years and has slowly taken shape as most projects develop – one step at a time.

We are in two different worlds bringing you the customer a taste of the far away Asian Cultures which have been dwindling away as new generations find that they cannot continue old traditions due to the cost of materials and ever increasing cost of living that drives people to find other means of support.

DressNDecor is striving to keep these customs alive by offering handmade, handcrafted clothing, bedding, home decor, jewelry and shoes.  Our apparel and bedding come from the finest of textiles.  Our quality cannot be found in your local box store.  We have opted to offer custom tailoring to assist in the hard to find sizes.  Give us your measurements and we can make it.

We offer a line of shoes that are made of genuine leather, not leather alternatives that will fall apart after 2 weeks of wear.